Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Next 25

25 states done means 25 states left, and I have actually planned out a surprising number of them, as in, picked out which race I will do and maybe even which year. This seems like a good time to put out my list to see if any of the runners I know have any of the same races on their lists.

Alabama: First Light Marathon in Mobile, planning to do a back-to-back with Mississippi Blues in January 2017.

Alaska: I really, really want to do the Equinox Marathon in September. That is going to be a huge, expensive trip but... I want it. Probably it will be in my last year of marathons.

Arkansas: I think Hogeye in Fayetteville, in March. Even though Little Rock is way easier to get to, I am totally turned off by the medal, which is like the size of a dinner plate and would totally look out of place with my other medals. Haven't picked the year yet.

Connecticut: Hartford, this October, done as a back-to-back with Newport, Rhode Island.

Delaware: Leaning towards Rehoboth Beach in December, because it would be an "easy" drive and because there are hardly any other marathons in December so it is a good fit schedule-wise.

Florida: I have my heart set on the Southernmost Marathon in Key West, in October. Probably 2017 since there are too many other marathons I want to do in October before this one.

Georgia: Rock and Roll Savannah, in November. Maybe 2016?

Hawaii: Honolulu in December, no idea what year. Probably my last year of 50 states, which is looking like it will be 2018 if I keep up this pace.

Idaho: Already registered for Pocatello in September 2015.

Iowa: Des Moines in October. Hoping to double it with Kansas City, MO, in 2016 if my class schedule permits.

Kansas: Torn between the Eisenhower in April in Abilene and the Prairie Fire in Wichita in October. I have a soft spot for Abilene because I remember driving through it on my first cross-country drive to New York back in 1999. It was the first place I saw soda called "pop" on a menu, and also the first (and last) place I saw gas for under $1.00/gallon in my adult driving life. Prairie Fire seems to be more popular with the Marathon Maniacs crowd. I don't know; maybe I will skip Prairie Fire just because it's in October and there are too many other races in that month.

Kentucky: Hatfield-McCoy in June, hopefully 2016 but I think I might be in class then, so it might have to wait till 2017.

Maryland: Totally undecided, but it will probably be a last-minute sign-up to fill in a gap in my schedule, since Maryland is a drivable state.

Minnesota: Grandma's in June, but no idea what year. I want to say 2016, but, same as Kentucky, it all depends on when I'm in class.

Mississippi: Mississippi Blues back-to-back with First Light, January 2017.

Missouri: Kansas City 2016, doubling with Des Moines.

Nebraska: Don't know, haven't even begun to research it.

New Jersey: Really not sure. There aren't a lot of choices in New Jersey; it's pretty much either Atlantic City or the New Jersey Marathon in Oceanport. I wish they had one in Morristown but so far they don't.

North Carolina: Grandfather Mountain, July 2015. Not looking forward to this one since it will be hot and there are no hills here to train on.

North Dakota: Same as Nebraska, I'll probably let the calendar decide. Maybe Fargo, since it's in May when there aren't a lot of other marathons.

Oklahoma: It has to be Oklahoma City in April. I'm hoping to do this one in 2016.

Rhode Island: As mentioned above, it's going to be Newport in October 2015.

South Carolina: Myrtle Beach in February, hopefully 2016.

South Dakota: Deadwood, June 2015. Two weeks from now!

Wyoming: Haven't decided yet. I know this will be one of my most expensive marathons to get to and also one of the most difficult ones because of the elevation, so I haven't really been in a hurry to pick my Wyoming marathon.

All right, who wants to join me for any of those? Don't everyone volunteer at once!

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